A few words about motivation

Some words to get you motivated!

motivation never stop

When people ask you  „How are you doing?“

even if you´re having some difficult times

say I´m blessed and highly fovoured

because anytime you wake up and you don´t have

a white chalk outline around your body

it´s a great day.

And so I say to you, it´s possible you can live your dream

it´s becoming a diamond, it´s having more if it´s achieving more,

if it´s a better father

being a better mother , whatever it is

overcoming addition, changing our society

it´s possible you can live your dream.

It´s necessary that you have a plan of action that you´re resilient, that you stick to

and that you work with a system

that you work with people, that you give support

and that you be there for them

that you have the vision and never give up

that you become creative and relentless

and keep on coming back

again and again and again

and that´s you, that you gotta take personal responsibility to make it happen

and that it´s hard, easy is not an option

and when life knocks you down

jump back up and say:

It´s not over until I win!

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